House Wash Services

House Washing Services Bristol CT

All types of house exteriors, Vinyl, Aluminum, Wood, Cedar, Brick, Stucco and stone. We use a soft wash system, which means you can be rest assured that no damage will be caused to the outside of your home. Soft wash systems use little to no high pressure. Don’t let these organisms literally eat you out of house and home.

What is Soft Washing? Soft washing is an exterior cleaning service that uses low pressure mixed with detergents to clean the siding on your house. The detergents kill the growth on your house as opposed to blasting off the growth with high pressure. This means the growth on your house is killed at the root and removed from the siding. Leaving your house cleaner for a longer period of time.

Is it better than Power Washing? In most cases yes, using high pressure on the siding of your house or other areas on your property can come with costly mistakes! Too much pressure can cause unsightly cut lines in the material, once this happens the only fix is to replace the damaged material. Power washing tends to leave the microscopic roots of the plant on the material, which in turn will cause it to grow back quicker.